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Occlusal Guard


Occlusal Guard

 Bruxism also known as teeth grinding. Most people grind their teeth at night. Bruxism is most often related to stress. If the grinding is severe enough it can cause major damage, it can: wear down tooth enamel, chip teeth, increase temperature sensitivity, erode gums and supporting bones, break fillings or other dental work. Symptoms of bruxism include: teeth grinding usually at night, jaw pain, headaches, sensitive teeth, teeth appear flat at the tips or teeth don't seem to line up properly. Bruxism is treated with a custom fitting mouth guard also known as an occlusal guard.


The occlusal gaurd is a diagnostic, repositioning, relaxing appliance. The guard will allow your jaw joints and muscles to function more smoothly. The guard is usually wore at night.  It will allow the jaw to find its' best position because the guard prevents the teeth from locking together. It should help reduce muscle spasms, clenching habits, jaw/joint pain, teeth wear and cracked teeth. The guard has been shown to help 70-90% of the people with your problem, however, you must remember that the occlusal guard only sets up conditions for healing and that the body must heal and repair itself. This a work in progress and you will most likely need to return for several adjustments, especially within the first few months. 

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