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Stephen E. Glick, DDS | Sealants in Manakin Sabot

Stephen E. Glick, DDS, PC

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Thanks in part to fluoride and other advancements in dental care, children today have much less tooth decay than previous generations. However, there are still problem areas on the back teeth. It's extremely difficult to keep the pits and grooves free from plaque and food. Sealants can work miracles in this area of the mouth. Studies show that 95 percent of children tested were free of cavities five years after getting sealants.

Applying sealants is an easy process. The teeth are thoroughly cleaned then etched with a mild acid solution to help the sealant bond to the tooth. Lastly, the sealant material is painted in the pits and grooves of the tooth. The sealant material takes 60 seconds to harden. The process is simple, quick, and pain free. 


Manakin Sabot Dentist | Sealants. Stephen Glick DDS is a Manakin Sabot Dentist.