In-Office Dental Plan


Don’t have insurance? No need to worry..

We’ve developed an innovative, straight-forward membership program that offers checkups and discounted services.

                       Your Membership Includes:

                    ·         2 dental cleanings ( exam and prophylaxis)

                    ·         Routine x-rays ( panorex, full mouth series, bitewings or periapicals)

                    ·         Oral evaluation

                    ·         Fluoride for children up to age 18

                    ·         Oral cancer screening

                    ·         Periodontal plan available if needed ( includes 1 additional perio maintenance visit           

                                 as determined by Doctor/Hygienist)

                    ·         All other procedures receive a 15% discount from our standard fee

       *Membership fees are to be paid in full via cash, check or credit card at the time of enrollment *



                    ·         No claims forms

                    ·         No yearly maximums or deductible

                    ·         Cosmetic dentistry included

                    ·         No pre-authorizations required

                    ·         No pre-existing conditions restricted

                    ·         No waiting periods

                 Regardless of your age, employment, or dental needs, you and your family are eligible to join the In-Office Savings Plan today!

                 Save on all our dental services, including fillings, crowns, dentures, root canals, implants- almost anything your family’s dental care requires.


                 HOW TO SIGN UP

                It’s so easy to start saving today. Please call one of our team members for an application                                 804-784-4150.



                PLAN OPTIONS

                Preventive Plan                              $375 annual cost per person for new patients

                                                                         $325 annual cost per person for existing patients


                Periodontal Plan                             $575 annual cost per person for new patients

                                                                          $475 annual cost per person for existing patients


                HOW IT WORKS

     This plan cannot be used in conjunction with another dental insurance plan. The plan participant is responsible for utilizing the plan’s services. Non-used services are non-refundable. This plan only applies to services rendered at Stephen Glick DDS and does not include any treatment or services provided elsewhere by any other provider.

Office Location

  • Manakin Sabot
  • 1600 Hockett Road
  • Manakin Sabot, Virginia
  • 23103
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  • Call: (804) 784-4150